Five Stars

I recently picked up a Star Model 30PK (center), so my collection of Stars is now complete. Or at least as complete as I want it. From left to right (in approximate order of development):

Model B Super - Outwardly a 9mm 1911 clone, but internally resembles a Hi-Power

M-43 Firestar - A compact, single stack 9mm, sort of a more modern version of Star's old compact 1911s

Model 30PK - Star's Wondernine. The Model 28 competed (and lost) in the US handgun trials against classics like the Beretta 92 and the Ruger P85

Ultrastar - A polymer framed single stack 9mm, double action/single action with a decocker. The pinnacle of Spanish self-defence

Megastar 45 - The Spanish Desert Eagle, an enormous double stack .45 Auto (also available in 10mm) that has no practical use I can see