Beretta 9000s - Designed by Nike, Built by Beretta

The 9000s was first produced in 2000, and was Beretta's first polymer framed handgun. Unlike the rotating barrel operation of the previous 8000 series (aka Cougar), the 9000s is a standard tilting barrel short recoil design. What makes it unique among Berettas is the reversed slide rails, which to my knowledge they never did before or since. This has the side effect of making the slide impossible to manipulate on the 9000s, since you can't get a purchase on the smooth rounded slide.

The 9000s has a frame mounted, ambidextrous safety decocker. Unlike the regular 92 series, you can put the gun on safe without decocking it, and removing the safety is very easy due to the the position of the lever. The lever can be pushed up past the safe position to decock the hammer to a safety notch, and it can be carried decocked with the safety on. While the safety is on, the trigger is totally dead.

In order to merge the Beretta open-slide design with the tilting barrel recoil system, the barrel of the 9000s has big flanges sticking off the side that mate into the frame. As a result, this gun is WIDE AS SHIT despite being nominally a compact carry piece. It also has an insanely long trigger reach, and a thick grip. One nice concession to shooters of different hand sizes is the movable finger extenstion tab on the baseplate of the magazine. It can be raised for small-handed shooters, or lowered to provide a pinky rest. It's a cool idea but not a practical one. The magazines with the standard baseplate are a better all around choice.

You could get the 9000s in 9mm, or .40 S&W, and in standard or DAO configurations. The magazines hold 12 rounds of 9mm or 10 rounds of .40 S&W. Beretta 92/96 series magazines can be used with a grip sleeve adapter, but those are hard to find and run for easily $100 or more today. Mine is in .40 which was the Smart Choice (TM) for the AWB era.

I don't think the 9000s sold very well, possibly because it looks like a running shoe, or possibly because it's a huge fat bastard. They definitely didn't get a lot of exposure. The only high profile media appearances I can think of are Tom Cruise in Minority Report, and Jada Pinkett Smith in Enter the Matrix (the Matrix Reloaded companion video game). The small overall size of the 9000s makes it a good movie gun for smaller statured actors, like women... or Tom Cruise.

Camo is Italian Veggie Tales pattern (Vegetato).