A Different Definition of "GLOCK Perfection" (and the Ruger American Compact)

The newly announced Compact version of the Ruger American Pistol got me thinking about GLOCKs. A commentor on TheFirearmBlog.com posted a response saying they hoped for a new Ruger pistol caliber carbine in the vein of the old Ruger PC9/40. Presumably they were hoping for one that would be compatible with the new RAP 17 round magazines.

And that got me thinking. The Ruger PC9 and PC40 were compatible with magazines for the P series pistols. A lot of gun guys (including me) have been hoping Ruger would make a new version of the PC9 compatible with the SR series magazines. Call it the Ruger SRC9. But if they were to release one now, they would have to choose between compatibility with SR series magazines, or American Pistol series magazines.

The discontinued Ruger Police Carbine. I desperately want one of these.
Because they keep changing the magazines. The last models of the P series were discontinued less than 10 years ago, so in a very short time Ruger has offered the P series, the SR series, and the new American series, all with different magazines. A Ruger American Carbine (RAC9?) would be awesome, but it would be much more awesome if it worked with the magazines you already have.

The more recently discontinued Ruger P95. I don't want one of these... because I already have one.
But it does need a carbine companion.
The same thing happened with Smith & Wesson. Their long running series of metal framed autoloaders (I call them the "Garbage Number" pistols) used one magazine design, the subsequent Sigma series used a different magazine design, and the new M&P series uses yet a third design.

Same with Beretta, who's new PX4 series pistols are not compatible with the 92 series magazines. Beretta offers two versions of their CX4 storm carbine, one compatible with 92 series mags and the other compatible with Storm series mags.

But if you buy a GLOCK Gen 4 magazine, it will work in your 30 year old Gen 1 pistol. Still have your old Gen 1 magazines? They'll work fine in your brand new Gen 4 (or 5) pistol. And that applies to a number of parts as well.

"GLOCK Perfection" is often derided because GLOCK keeps releasing new models. How can you improve on perfection? But the thing is, GLOCK only changes little ergonomic things while keeping the core of their pistols the same. The magazine design is perfection and doesn't have to change. The mechanism of the gun is perfection and doesn't have to change.

Of course the definition of "perfection" is also important. The GLOCK 19 is often compared to the Toyota Camry, and that is a perfect comparison. Ask a car guy what the best car is, and they'll tell you to buy a Camry. That doesn't mean the Camry is the fastest car, or the most fun to drive, but it is the perfect car for almost every normal person.

That's how a GLOCK 19 can be the best, even if it isn't the best. It also helps that GLOCKs are amazingly size efficient. The new RAP Compact is about GLOCK 19 size, but it holds 12 rounds of 9mm versus the GLOCK's 15. GLOCK pistols are just big enough to fit the operating components and have no added bulk. That's why the GLOCK 19 almost qualifies as compact, while the RAP has to lose 3 rounds to fit that descriptor.

GLOCK Perfection also gets brought up any time someone talks about modifying a GLOCK. Why would you have to modify perfection?

You don't have to modify GLOCKs. But gun guys like to modify their guns, and GLOCKs are easy to work on and have a strong aftermarket support. The fact that you can easily modify GLOCKs is part of the perfection.

Anyway, I guess my point is, if GLOCK made a carbine it would sell like heroin infused crack. Until then you could always get a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 and be confident in continued magazine support from GLOCK in perpetuity. If you can find a Sub 2000 that is. And if you get one that works.