Taurus Model 85 UltraLite Review

As a millennial gun owner, the length and breadth of my life experience with firearms is polymer. The GLOCK 19 is our generation's 1911; after all Tupac sure wasn't bustin' any of John Browning's designs.

If somebody my age says they "prefer revolvers," check their closet for skinny jeans and their fridge for a case of PBR.

The Star Firestar M-43 9mm Examined

I only have room in my collection for one practical pistol, and it's a GLOCK 19. Now that I have all the angles covered, I can focus on on digging up weird old shit and playing with it in the woods. Which is what brings me to the Star Firestar M-43 9mm, imported by Interarms of Alexandria, Virginia more than 20 years ago.

The AMT Backup 380 Examined

If you were in the market for a .380 pocket pistol and wanted my recommendation, I wouldn't even let you finish the sente-